Deakin & Francis Silver Knot Cufflinks

Stock # C1077

Deakin & Francis  Silver Knot Cufflinks

Deakin & Francis Silver Knot Cufflinks

Stock # C1077

Early cufflinks were made from fine silk tied into knots and Deakin & Francis has continued this traditional design with their sterling silver knot cufflinks. This classic design will work well with any outfit.

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Name Silver Knot Cufflinks
Stock Number C1077
Department Accessories
Type Cuff Links
Category Fashion

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Deakin & Francis

DEAKIN & FRANCIS®, founded in 1786, designs and manufactures the world’s finest cufflinks. The English workshops produce fine quality handmade jewellery in precious metal, incorporating vitreous enamel and fine gemstones. Seven generations after Charles Washington Shirley Deakin developed the product range, the business is today owned and managed by James and Henry Deakin. Over the last 200+ years the team of manufacturing jewellers and silversmiths at Deakin & Francis® has created over 1,000 cufflink designs for business people, celebrities and members of royalty worldwide. Styles include gold and silver cufflinks, through to full dress sets in platinum and diamonds. Deakin & Francis® creations range from funky and fun to classic collections.

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