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Fall 2015 Jewelry from the Runway

October 1, 2015

With the global 2015 fashion weeks upon us, the use of jewelry as a main feature of style has become the over-arching trend.  A recent spread by Harper’s Bazaar Highlights has taken this into account and noted for us the top jewelry trends of 2015.


Statement Pieces:

In connection with the bold, 1980s-inspired clothing designs, statement pieces are poised to be very on-point this year.  These include large shapes, bold colors, and geometric profiles.  A great designer to watch this season is Alex Sepkus, who offers stunning geometric and abstract designs.





Intricate details and interwoven metalwork brings baroque designs to a new level this Fall.  These designs exhibit strong texture and luxurious color-contrasts to brighten up some of the more simplistic clothing stiles, like the reemergence of the white blouse.  A stunning designer to check out is Charles Krypell, who offers silver and gold interloping details and bold textural use of precious and semiprecious stones.





Pearls are classic, but this season takes the simple pearl design to the next level, including them as in pieces where a gemstone would have previously been featured, or with layers of pearls bringing an outfit to the next level of luxury.  Our favorite designer for quality pearls is Mikimoto, who has been mastering the pearl’s simple elegance since 1893.




 Long Chains: 

To offset this year’s broad shoulder looks, fashion designers have counterbalanced by adding long chained jewelry to their models.  Long chains, like those designed by Tacori, add a new line to each outfit, making the wearer appear taller and with heightened posture, in addition to elegantly adorning the contour of the neckline.